casita río



It all started when…

A love of Texas history, led to the founding of a property nestled near the Guadalupe River, which then led to discovering a Texas Ranger once owned it. The property is located on 25 acres on the banks of the "Crown Jewel of the Texas Hill Country", the Guadalupe River. The original land patent came from the General Land Office in Austin to a man who then sold it to John C. Hayes in 1841. Mr. Hayes, better known as Captain Jack Hayes of the Texas Rangers. Hayes brought worldwide fame to the Rangers during trying times with the Comanches in the 1840s as well as riding with US Army during the Mexican American War. Captain Hays left his mark on our property by building two cabins the Rangers used while surveying, chasing bandits, and Comanches from the early to mid 1840s. The cabins have been since renovated and are used as bedrooms today. Hays moved from Texas to California in 1849 where he became a wealthy landowner in Oakland, California area. He sold our property in 1869 for $18,000 in gold.

There are 3 homes located on the property in addition to the Ranger cabins: The Main Estate House, The Farmhouse, and the Casita. The oldest was a farmhouse built in the 1870s, while the main house was built in 2002-2003.When visiting our property, we hope you enjoy the beauty and history of the estate and take in our little bit of Texas. 


- Randy and Lupe Decker, Owners and caretakers